Peru – Cutting Poverty

Peru – Cutting Poverty Listen BBC The Compass, My Perfect Country

How has Peru cut its poverty rate in half in just ten years? Building on decades of economic growth, a policy of inclusive economics has meant many of the poorest in the country have shared in the prosperity created by the boom. Government schemes to extend basic services such as piped water, sanitation and electricity to slum areas, underpinned by social programmes for children, families and the over 65s, have helped to lift 7 million people out of poverty in the last five years alone. Low-income communities have played a vital role in the speed and extent to which this has been rolled out, putting pressure on successive governments through direct action such as protests and roadblocks.

But there are problems. Rural poverty rates remain high, many people are still slipping through the net, and more investment in health and education is needed. Corruption is endemic, and Peru’s largely informal economy means the improvement in people’s living conditions is precarious, particularly as the country’s economy is now slowing down.

Image: A woman pushes a child in a pram, Credit: Getty Images

So should Peru’s poverty reduction be added to the My Perfect Country pile of policies? Fi Glover, Martha Lane Fox and Henrietta Moore, the team imagining building a nation from the policies that are making the world a better place, debate the pros and cons with the help of Jelke Boesten from King’s College London.




There are some people who work for profit and there are some people who work for the peoples. And then there are people  who effectively combine the two by earning a return on their investment while working for social well-being. I am believing to become a Social Entrepreneur , we can  plan to works for the welfare of the people. I am have study  the business concept defined by Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus called social business.

Social Business:

establish a social business with an aim to social problems for the general good of the society. It is a profit-making company in which all the income is not used for personal use but is invested in the expansion of the company or to help other social objectives. With the use of these principle,  we could  be able to increase the resources for  of the society with every step we takes forward. Since, the money we earn are not utilized for material gain and instead invested into the company. We will be able to reach more and more people who are in need of help as their company grows. we could  utilizes new and innovative techniques to create more opportunities where it is needed the most. We shows  that it is possible to live a better life while creating better lives for those around us.


We could plan to create a platform to make this world a better place to live in.

I have been interested in psychology such psychoanalysis , Behaviorism & Cognitive ,Gestalt , Bio-Energy  who guide me to have interested in oriental philosophies

I  traveled abroad in Asia in India and China to study  traditional practices . My aim is to propagate the wealth of knowledge found in ancient philosophies on a more global scale.

I have  thoroughly researched and studied mental wellness techniques like Taoism Qi Cong Taichi chuan  , buddhism  theravada , chinese  Mahayana   and reflexology and Tuina in the Chinese culture and  Hatha Yoga  in the Hindu culture. I believe that these techniques can fill the emptiness of the soul that exists in the corporate world. My experience in the field of mental wellness can be utilized by us for our wholesome development and to eliminate negativity from our lives.


I believe that mental wellness must be accompanied by physical well-being. Only a healthy body can lead to a healthy and peaceful soul. i have trained and practiced the martial art of Kung-Fu wu su such Sanda , chuan tao lu   and Thai Boxing for overall strength and development. I  use the skills of Kung fu not to use physical force but to develop an inner strength. i have been able to improve on my wisdom through his practice of the ancient art. Kung-Fu has helped me in the development of positive qualities like discipline and concentration.

I have seen  those Martials arts & Yoga  therefor Holistic had inflenced the psychology humanist such the psychotherapy such Bio-Energy   William Reich & Alexander Lowen  and Training autogene of Johannes Heinrich schultz  and relaxation progressive of Edmund Jacobson  .