evereything is energy

Everything is energy,  scientist say about energy force such air, motion, heat, light, electrical, nuclear, electromagnetic. I found interesting about the theory of  the Qi and Prana from the Taoism  and Hinduism ,Qi and prana are a life force ,a natural , a kind of vital energy , a flow. The theory of Qi and Prana talk about reorganise your energy particulary in Qi ,they talk about to cultivate a balance with two opposit energy The Yin and the Yang which the Yin.

The Yin is  a female character and the Yang, the male –

In Taoist practice meditation such Qi gong, Taichi Chuan but differently than tradition sitting meditation , the Taoist stand up and stay immobile ,keep this position long as they can . An other technique is to move slowly their body ,arms, legs like a gymnastic.

I hear that some of pratician feel this Qi  ,this energy vital invisible .Certainly for who dont understand this notion of  Qi , we could could recongnise those practices could  help  to develop your concentration ,such feel your sensation of touch ,contact, attention

Qigong and Taichi chuan are also a perfect way to learn meditation, if you found difficult with sitting meditation, Taichi and Qigong can help you a lot with his motion.
Other Qi technics are Acupuncture and Massage Reflexology body , foot massage , the work of Qi in acupucture is to insert fine needle in the skin at specific points along what are considered to be lines of energy meridians, used in the the treatment of various physical  and mental conditions.

Chinese massage  work  like Acupuncture , with  the fingers, hands, feet, forearm, elbow, acupressure, strokes  physical following the lines, of point vital energy and aimed the flow of Qi through the meridians.

The Hindu have yoga who is a meditation stretching , to contract the flow of prana ( Qi) , yogi meditate of their body stretch. Like the chinese have the KungFu Tai Chi Chuan, Qi Gong .

Those Technics are  good method for learning meditation.

Mikael Prone


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