how to change the world The future of higher education is a constantly moving target.

There are sometime good news on this world    I have  read today in fastCoexist. transformation in our university in entrepreneurship incubator


Current models—reliant upon departmental space where curriculum is developed and fostered independent of the university at large—must change. Today’s students demand cross-disciplinary learning and thinking, particularly in science, engineering, and technology. This cross-disciplinary learning demand is manifesting itself in buildings that seek to be academies of tomorrow and entrepreneurial hubs focused on bringing business and creative minds together. Colleges and universities need to think about how these space changes serve as curriculum drivers.


Examples of this can be found in our project at the University of Utah where they are developing a transformative entrepreneurial building where students can create, live and « launch » companies all in the same space. Elsewhere, we worked with the University at Buffalo partnered with Kaleida Health to create a one-of-a-kind facility that brings their academic research center into the same building as a global vascular institute. Incubator spaces within this building extend beyond the notion of « fusion » and empower students to utilize design thinking as a means to create solutions, solve problems and make jobs not take jobs.