Troubled by Strife Consider Aspects of Holistic technics


Illness has long been examined. I Observed that there are reasons vital to the mind and heart that the human being becomes sick.  I believed such Chinese medecine & Indian observe the human in the whole ,holistic  .

In Acupucture Reflexology ,Tui-na  Chinese massage.  Coping with stress and pain is hard, We could understands what to do to ease these afflictions.  This is achieved with Chinese and Taoist massage.

Those Holistics practices  in daylight hours with Martial Arts of Kung-Fu ,Yoga ,massage ,  who can  guide you  great stamina and fortitude.

I have studied Hatha Yoga the Yoga Sutras form Patanjali in India . For couples months  in temple and a yoga center  . this is  brings into learning meditation state throw exercices of concentrated ,observed  my position of to stretches my  body.

i have read about the Tao te king became enamored long ago with the ancient Chinese religion Taoism. The Tao te King values are compassion, humility and moderation.  The road to perfection.  With roots in the age of Shin Huangdi the Qin Emperor,  acupuncture was extremely powerful.  Much as is taught in universities and hospitals in China, traditional medicine is a sometimes overlooked tool for wellness.

Shin Huangdi the Qin Emperor was appalled that Mongol hordes slayed many of his subjects.  It took 800,000 soldiers and peasants, but China after 10 years had a 3,000 long wall.

Education and religion inspire great generosity.   Across China, Buddhist temples and universities are undauntedly strengthening the fabric of Buddhism.  Buddhist and practitioner of Reflexology, Chinese massage and the Martial Arts of Kung-Fu.  As in China, where citizens are beginning to provide private support for both human and social services..


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