Doing new politic

Since i grew up .i have follow those politicians watch TV ,read the news . But i have never be satisfied.

Political are too slow , spend too much money ,and be paralyzed from the law ,and battle of the opposition .

Maybe one the way to lead a good  politic its just  to do our politic , something more efficient .

I guess just  doing business ,make cash ,innovative  and  invest in social business  , in small associations who have direct impact to educate ,socialize peoples , guide them to become entrepreneur, associative with a local community.

I guess if we are more connected each other , on line and in real life  we could be more efficient than any politic .

I have read Mohammed Yunus who is the former of social business ans the micro credit , he awarded the peace Nobel prize in 2006 .

i have read his books bank of the poor and social business . i think his system its great

And i have read and follow the page of business this 2 years ago about Crow funding , Incubator , and popularization of what is a investor.

I guess if we can set up incubators in poor area  where the rate of unemployed is high

We can change something .



There are some people who work for profit and there are some people who work for the peoples. And then there are people like Mikael Prone who effectively combine the two by earning a return on their investment while working for social well-being. Mikael Prone is a global entrepreneur who plan to works for the welfare of the people. He is a follower of a business concept defined by Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus called social business.

Mikael Prone and Social Business:

Mikael Prone want to plan to establish a social business with an aim to social problems for the general good of the society. It is a profit-making company in which all the income is not used for personal use but is invested in the expansion of the company or to help other social objectives. With the use of these principle, Mikael Prone is able to increase his resources for the betterment of the society with every step he takes forward. Since, the money he earns is not utilised for material gain and instead invested into the company. He is able to reach more and more people who are in need of help as his company grows. He utilises new and innovative techniques to create more opportunities where it is needed the most. He shows us that it is possible to live a better life while creating better lives for those around us.

Mikael Prone and his Global Wellness Initiatives:

Mikael Jim Prone plan to create a platform to make this world a better place to live in. He has travelled to faraway countries like India and China to bring traditional practices to the western world. His aim is to propagate the wealth of knowledge found in ancient philosophies on a more global scale. He has thoroughly researched and studied mental wellness techniques like Taoism and reflexology in the Chinese culture and Yoga and meditation in the Hindu culture. Mikael Prone believes that these techniques can fill the emptiness of the soul that exists in the corporate world. His knowledge and experience in the field of mental wellness can be utilised by us for our wholesome development and to eliminate negativity from our lives.

Mikael Prone and Physical Wellness:

Mikael Prone believes that mental wellness must be accompanied by physical well-being. Only a healthy body can lead to a healthy and peaceful soul. He has trained and practiced the martial art of Kung-Fu for overall strength and development. He utilises the skills of Kung fu not to use physical force but to develop an inner strength. He has been able to improve on his wisdom through his practice of the ancient art. Kung-Fu has helped him in the development of positive qualities like discipline and concentration.

He wants to distribute all the knowledge he has gained over the years of travels amongst his fellow men. He wants to help other people find the inner peace and better judgement. He believes if we can apply these learning on our everyday lives, we can emerge as strong, new people who are able to face any challenge that life.

Rediscover Life with Mikael Jim Prone

Rediscover Life with Mikael Jim Prone

From morning to evening, for seven days a week and twelve months a year all we do is repeat the monotonous routine that we have ahead of us. With what we do, it certainly fills our pockets and soul but does it satisfy your heart? Does it calm your mind? If you feel that amidst this hustle you are losing the more important of what makes everything, then this is the right place for you.

About Mikael prone: Mikael Jim Prone is the guy who’willhelp He has a theory about life which encompasses the more relevant things that we often overlook due to stress or work or simply because we are tired. He is the person who knows the value of self satisfaction after a tiring day. Mikael Jim prone is a philanthropist who likes to travel and share his ideas with like-minded people who want to have a good day and not only just a busy packed day. He is able to transform lives by introducing people to total wellness which give a new meaning to life altogether.
Methods of treating: Mikael Prone, who is interessing in a social entrepreneur, has travelled across the globe and is widely known for his teachings which include tricks of reflexology and Chinese massages. For those who do not know much about reflexology, it is practice that allows one to know about even the most minute part of the body and he uses that knowledge to know about the problem. He believes in healing diseases or disorders through pressurizing the appropriate parts of foot. migraine and back pains.
He has interest in
Kung-Fu: Out of the two things which he stresses in his life are Kung-Fu and Yoga. Kung fu, being a practice to develop a better mind and body power, is deeply appreciated by him and therefore, he has consequently learnt a lot of it. Mikael Prone quite firmly believes that Kung-fu is in fact very different from Karate which is all about fighting.
Yoga: Similarly since yoga is essential for inner peace and relaxation of the body and that is why he has learned yoga for many years and now spreading the goodness of it as well. The benefits of yoga are not unknown. Yoga is after all a practice that helps you know your heart; body and soul better by stretching and do a few exercises that bring an overall wellbeing to your body system and even to life. The beliefs that Mikael Prone has brought from Buddhism and Taoism have been benefiting people for ages and they continue to do so still.

how to change the world The future of higher education is a constantly moving target.

how to change the world The future of higher education is a constantly moving target.

There are sometime good news on this world I have read today in fastCoexist. transformation in our university in entrepreneurship incubator

Current models—reliant upon departmental space where curriculum is developed and fostered independent of the university at large—must change. Today’s students demand cross-disciplinary learning and thinking, particularly in science, engineering, and technology. This cross-disciplinary learning demand is manifesting itself in buildings that seek to be academies of tomorrow and entrepreneurial hubs focused on bringing business and creative minds together. Colleges and universities need to think about how these space changes serve as curriculum drivers.

Examples of this can be found in our project at the University of Utah where they are developing a transformative entrepreneurial building where students can create, live and « launch » companies all in the same space. Elsewhere, we worked with the University at Buffalo partnered with Kaleida Health to create a one-of-a-kind facility that brings their academic research center into the same building as a global vascular institute. Incubator spaces within this building extend beyond the notion of « fusion » and empower students to utilize design thinking as a means to create solutions, solve problems and make jobs not take jobs.


The Reflexology, foot massage is a specific manual practice, a body intelligence department which aimed like osteopathy ,acupuncture and Shiatsu to maintain the organism level for erasing the tensions.

We estimate that this particular discipline would act on the feet channel which it correspond in each organ body.

In Chinese energy for Reflexology, we considerate that the foot show the body in miniature.

With a approach anti symptomatic, the Reflexology give a deep relaxation and would allow the apparition of the sickness restoring the metabolism pace.

The reaction of the plantar tissue would allow for the establishment of a reliable diagnosis, of more than the patient responses to the stimuli of points-reflex oriented the practitioner in its manipulations has therapeutic purposes.

Mikael Prone

chinese massage

Chinese Traditional massage :Also called Tui Na: 推拿or anmo:阿莫, Chinese traditional massage is part of the medicine millennium of the Empire of the middle in the same way as acupuncture . It has started, the Qin Emperor Shin Huangdi 秦始皇 prevailing.
Different methods may be used for acupressure,(hands, wrists, knees, fingers, elbows, feet, ) to perform gentle stretching, rubbing, pressures, and other movements.

Generally, this discipline(also called taoist massage) provides to the patient a sensations of well-being, relaxation evacuating his stress; re-balancing her blood and lymphatic circulation, while annulling its possible backbone pain.
This practice also relieves migraine headaches, colds and help to resolve the digestive problems tract and transit, and also stimulates the immune system of the recipient. Acting on the tendons, ligaments, muscle and skin, (parts of the body called, soft tissue); the patient can see grace has a new well-being,
An awakening psycho-corporal; in effect favoring the elimination of lactic acid of the anaerobic fermentation caused during long efforts, in sporting events or physical work painful.
Practices for millennia and legally taught in universities and hospitals in China, it is an integral part of the traditional medicine of this great country .
Some precautions are however to be taken in case of phlebitis , infectious diseases, heart problems, inflammation of joints, dermatitis, wounds or recent scars.
This practice may be supplemented, (with great benefit for the patient), by cures Ayurvedic / herbal medicinal herbs from Chinese herbs traditonal, called Moxibution, as well as the acupuncture which this great country is at the origin.

by Mikael Prone

Massage chinois traditionel :
Egalement appelé Tui Na: 推拿ou An mo :阿莫, le traditionel massage chinois fait partie de la médecine millénaire de l’Empire du Milieu de la méme façon que l’acupuncture . Il a démarré, l’Empereur Qin Shin Huangdi 秦始皇 régnant.
Différentes méthodes peuvent etre utilisées pour l’accupression(mains, poignets, genoux, doigts , coudes, pieds, ) pour efféctuer des étirements, frottements, pressions, et autres mouvements.
Généralement, cette discipline(dite également massage taoiste) procure au patient des sensations de bien-étre, de relaxation évacuant son stress; ré-équilibrant sa circulation lymphatique et sanguine, tout en annulant ses éventuelles douleurs dorsale.
Cette pratique soulage également les migraines, les rhumes et aide à résoudre les problèmes digestif et de transit, et stimule également le systeme immunitaire du bénéficiaire.
Agissant sur les tendons , les ligaments, les muscles et la peau, (parties du corps dénommées, tissus mous); le patient peut constater grace a un nouveau bien-étre, un
éveil psycho-corporel; en effet favorisant l’élimination de l’acide lactique dù à la fermentation anaérobie provoquées lors de longs éfforts au cours d’événements sportifs ou de travaux physique pénibles.
Pratiqués depuis des millénaires et légalement enseigné dans les universités et hopitaux de Chine, il est partie intégrante de la médecine traditionelle de ce grand pays .
Certaines précautions sont cependant à prendre en cas de phlébite , maladies infectieuses, problémes cardiaque, inflammation des articulations, dermatoses, plaies ou cicatrices récentes.
Cette pratique peut étre complétée, (avec grand bénéfice pour le patient), par des cures phytothérapiques en herboristerie de plantes chinoises traditionelles, appelée Moxibution, ainsi que de l’acupuncture dont ce grand pays est à l’origine.

versione in Italiano

Il Massaggio cinese tradizionale, chiamato anche Tui Na: 推拿 o Anno :阿莫, massaggi tradizionali cinese fa parte della medicina millennio dell’Impero di mezzo allo stesso modo come agopuntura . Si è avviato, l’Imperatore Qin Shin Huangdi 秦始皇 prevalente.
Vari metodi possono essere utilizzati per agopressione, (mani, polsi, ginocchia, mani, gomiti, piedi, ) per eseguire stretching dolce, sfregamento, pressioni e altri movimenti.
In generale, questa disciplina (chiamato anche massaggio taoista) fornisce al paziente le sensazioni di benessere, relax evacuare il suo stress; riequilibrio la sua circolazione sanguigna e linfatica, mentre annullando la sua possibile dolore dorsale.Questa pratica inoltre allevia l’emicrania mal di testa, raffreddori e contribuire a risolvere i problemi apparato digerente e di transito e stimola anche il sistema immunitario del ricevente.
Agendo sui tendini, legamenti, muscolo e pelle, (parti del corpo, tessuti molli); il paziente può vedere grazia ha un nuovo ben-essere, Un risveglio psico-corporali; in effetti favorisce l’eliminazione dell’acido lattico della fermentazione anaerobica durante uno sforzo durante eventi sportivi o lavoro fisico doloroso.
Pratiche per millenni e legalmente ha insegnato nelle università e negli ospedali in Cina, è parte integrante della medicina tradizionale di questo grande paese.
Questa pratica può essere completato, (con grande beneficio per il paziente), dalle cure ayurvediche / erbe medicinali a base di erbe di erbe Cinesi tradizionali, chiamati Moxibution, nonché l’agopuntura che questo grande paese è all’origine.
Sono tuttavia alcune precauzioni da prendere in caso di flebite, malattie infettive, problemi di cuore, infiammazione delle giunture, dermatiti, ferite o cicatrici evidenti.